" Making the simple complicated is
commonplace; making the complicated simple,
awesomely simple, that’s creative. "
-- Charles Mingus--

Total Partnership
We believe the greatest factor in establishing and maintaining a sound client/agency relationship is the level of agency involvement we attain. We seek to be “part of the team” on a day-to-day basis so we can go to great lengths in gaining that leg up and providing effective service.

Integrated Marketing
We employed the thinking long before the term integrated marketing became an industry buzzword. From the very beginning, we believed that getting the most from a client’s budget demanded an effective integration of the various promotional elements: media advertising, direct mail, publicity, sales promotion, and tradeshow participation. Then new media and electronic marketing opportunities found their important niche in our mix. Today, the industry calls it integrated marketing. We call it good thinking.

Creative Thinking That Sells
Learning about our clients, the products we market and the people we market to is the most crucial part of the whole equation. It is this understanding that we achieve insight. And from insight, we achieve results. Whether it's our idea, or a pre-existing one, we believe in leveraging a single-minded marketable concept that is brought to life using a multi-faceted communication plan. Our plans are designed to hit our target with a host of different media, reaching consumers where they live, work and play. Often, this means breaking away from the usual media suspects. We are constantly looking for innovative, sometimes unconventional media opportunities.